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this has been such an enjoyable summer for me! i would say that i have loved sleeping in, but with four kids it just doesn’t happen. but i do love the lazy summer mornings of snuggling on the couch with my babies while we watch their favorite cartoons as i sip my coffee before jump starting the day. however, i am really looking forward to getting back to a routine after school starts. this year our oldest, jack, will be in first grade and henry and charlie will go to pre-k and pre-school - just two days a week. this means that on those two days a week i might actually get to the gym or have time for a long run! 

the majority of the schools in our vicinity began in early august, but the schools our kids will attend follow a traditional schedule and don’t start until after the day after labor day. i love the long summer, BUTTT, i’m so ready!! the boys have had enough fortnite, read every book we own at least twice, and jack has even taken up playing the piano. last year he went to an all-day kindergarten, and while i will definitely miss him being gone all day, i love watching him learn, grow and be challenged at school. so, i’m excited to see what first grade has in store for him! it will be a change for us, having henry and charlie also gone two full days a week. jon and i decided that this was a good decision for our family to allow me more time to work and grow my business, have one-on-one time with nora, and, also a good way for henry and charlie to make friends. henry tends to be a little shy, so it will be a good step for him before he goes to kindergarten next year. charlie is a social butterfly and wants to go to school every day if he could. so as summer comes to an end for us, we are soaking up every last second. we had a few really fun trips this summer, legoland, swim days, late night bon fires, camping and park days, but again, i am feeling so ready for some structure and routine (remember, I’m a “recovering control freak”). 

on this week’s to-do list we have some last-minute back to school shopping to get done, haircuts and grocery shopping to do, but i am soaking up the last few days of all of my babies being home together, so instead of heading to the gym we decided on a park workout and picnic. packing up four kids to go anywhere is no easy task - just getting their shoes on alone sometimes seems impossible. 

 skip, hop, run, jump and climb, these boys are always on the move.

one thing i love about these Saucony shoes from is that the boys can easily put them on themselves. no laces + velcro = happy mama! jack is wearing the Saucony Voxel style in the grey/gold color, henry is wearing the Saucony Jazz Hook Loop in Grey/Citron color and charlie is wearing the Jazz Hook Loop in Navy/Red color.  they are the perfect shoes to help make getting out of the house on time a success!

the boys love to be involved in my workouts and i love that they know that fitness is a necessary daily activity. 

complete each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next and rest 1 minute between each circuit.  i have given a modification for each exercise to to give you a low impact/less intense option.

circuit 1 (upper body):

  1. 12 push ups

  2. 15 tricep dips

  3. 10 high/low plank

circuit 2 (lower body):

  1. 12 jump squats

  2. 15 (each leg) single leg bridge

  3. 10 (each leg) leaning lunge

circuit 3 (core):

  1. 12 (each side) bird dog

  2. 15 leg raises

  3. 10 sit-ups

circuit 1: upper body

push up

modification: bench push up

tricep dip

modification: tricep dip with bent knees

high-low plank

modification: plank hold

circuit 2: lower body

jump squats

modification: air squats

single-leg bridge

modification: bridge


leaning lunge

modification: forward lunge

Circuit 3: core



modification: crunches


leg raises

modification: leg raises with bent knees

bird dog

modification: flag pose

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