complete baby wearing workout {postpartum fitness and beyond}

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Has anyone ever told you that motherhood is hard? Well, it is freaking hard!

Some days can feel very lonely, and other days I would do anything for five minutes to be alone. When Grandma calls and asks to take the kids for the night, I feel relieved and start planning everything I’m going to accomplish; then the second they are gone I feel completely lost and I miss them. Before I had my kids, I am pretty sure I was “that” lady in Target who would think “my child will never act like that” and now I am THAT MOM with THAT KID. I have lost count how many times I have left a cart of groceries to run home for immediate naps. It’s easy to get caught up in comparison and start thinking “if only”. If only I had a bigger house, nicer car, a cleaning lady, more help, more energy... the list is ever ending… I in no way have it figured out or have it all together, but I am learning to enjoy the moment, to find joy in today and remember that it is probably just a phase. In ten years, when my kids are teenagers, I am going to miss this! Us moms need to stop comparing and start supporting each other and remember you are NOT “them” and “they” have never walked in your shoes.

Having a group of mom friends that can love on you, support you and bring you an extra coffee the day after you have been up all night with the baby is priceless. If you don’t yet have that kind of group of friends, then you need to find one! I found mine by getting involved in a local mom’s group at church called MOPS or Mothers of Preschoolers. I still remember walking into one of their meetings with my first son when he was only twelve days old. Being an introvert, this was completely uncomfortable for me, until I walked in and was greeted by Susan, who is still my good friend today. She gave me a hug that I will never forget and that was the beginning of my journey with lifelong mom friends that I truly don’t think I would survive motherhood without.

In addition to my group of friends that help keep me stay sane and to reassure me that “it is probably a phase” or “that is totally normal”, working out is my “me time”. If you have followed me on Instagram for even a second, you probably know that running is my main thing. I think I love running so much because it is the only time I can escape for an hour or two and not be asked a question, be hung on, have demands placed on me, or really be responsible for anything else but myself at that moment. I just zone out and go! Yes, most of the time it leaves me physically exhausted, but mentally refreshed. I also enjoy going to the gym. We are members at a small, nothing fancy kind of gym that has a very small childcare room. My kids love going here. There are some mornings that I have no desire to get to the gym, but the kids like going so much that they hold me accountable to our morning routine (now if only they made day spas with childcare!). Then there are some days where one child may have a cold, have been up all night, or for whatever reason we can’t get to the gym and I need to get my workout in at home. Usually when this happens, the boys like to join in on my workout and Nora wants to be held, so I put her in the Ergo Carrier and she instantly becomes extra weight for my strength session. Here is one of my baby-wearing workouts that will strengthen and tone your body all while wearing your baby!

important: this workout is designed to be done with a baby who has control of their head and neck. modify as needed to ensure safety of your baby at all times.

complete each movement for 20 seconds {each side} followed by 10 seconds of rest. continue for a total of 3-5 rounds.

  1. squat

  2. standing side crunch

  3. curtsy lunge

  4. crab walks

  5. standing side leg lift

  6. good mornings


standing side crunch

curtsy lunge

crab walks

standing side leg lift

good mornings

Mom life is not easy, it can be busy, sticky, messy and exhausting but I promise you it is worth it and when you need encouragement, I am here for you! Just remember to stop and breath, don’t forget that “it is probably just a phase” and make yourself a priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children!

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