High Rep Glute Activation Workout {+Hip Flexor Stretches}

High Rep Glute Activation Workout {+Hip Flexor Stretches}

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Do you struggle with SI and low back pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, knee pain, poor posture or decreased hip mobility? All of these may be a sign of weak glutes and tight hip flexors and greatly affect your running form. In addition to strengthening the glutes, the hip flexors need to be stretched regularly to allow the glutes to properly fire.

If you are wondering if your glutes need some work, a quick test you can do is perform a single leg squat and go as low as you can. If your knee flexion can not reach 90 degrees, that is a good indicator that your glutes may need some extra attention. 

Below is a workout that will help activate and strengthen your glutes. Unilateral movements such as the single leg dead lifts below are important to help correct and prevent any muscle imbalances.

Complete 4 rounds of the following reps for each exercise:

  1. 25 reps

  2. 30 reps

  3. 15 reps (each leg)

  4. 50 reps

Glute Activation Workout





After you complete the glute workout, hold each of these stretches for 10-60 seconds. Static stretching should always be done after a workout or on your rest days.

Hip Stretches

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