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The Story


“You are crazy!” I hear this phrase almost daily! I have grown a passion for running over the past couple of years. I am a wife, and a mother of three boys and our newest addition, Nora. Our family is also in the process of trying to adopt. My days are full of never ending energy, crashes, bangs, boy smells, man smells, housework, and the echo of mom or mama or ma or mother. Running is my escape. It’s therapeutic. It allows me time to hear my own thoughts and take care of myself. That may sound selfish, but I believe every person needs “me time” in his or her routine. Running is my “me time.” Even though I enjoy chasing down the miles, the greatest part is finishing. Waking up before the sun rises, leaving my warm bed with my husband still snuggled up, (snuggled, more like buried, he uses extra blankets and sleeps with a pillow on his head) is not my ideal morning. Coffee, a blanket and the news sounds better, but the morning is the only me time I have. It’s cold, I’m on the lookout for dogs, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little concerned about creepers. Maybe I am a little crazy. Actually, my husband will go fishing in the middle of the night. When he catches a fish, he just takes a picture with the fish and then throws it back. That’s crazy! Running is not. It’s so peaceful. Once I get in the groove and find that perfect pace, the miles just fly by. Yes, I get tired, and my legs might get sore, but all that is trumped by the feeling of accomplishment. I made it, one-step at time, but now it’s over. I check my times and look forward to setting my next goals. I’m left feeling reenergized, recouped and ready for whatever the day has for me.

It is hard for me to talk about my accomplishments, but I do have some knowledge about sports and nutrition that I can share. I have a BS from Azusa Pacific University in Applied Exercise Science (that’s how I met my husband). I am NASM-CPT, USATF-Level 1, AFFA, Aqua Logix, and GEAR Spin certified. I was CrossFit certified and am currently working on one more. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in my third marathon, and am working to run a sub three-hour marathon. Deep breath. I am glad that part is over with. I have the certifications to train, along with my own personal experience. However, my passion and desire to always learn more, utilizing the tools that I’ve acquired in balancing my own life and training, is what I desire to share




Hi, I’m Bethany!

I’m a mom of four who thrives on coffee and exercise. I am saved by Grace and happily married to my best friend, Jon. Here I hope you find community and inspiration for fitness and…life. I am happy you are here!

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