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I worked out with Bethany for a little over a year. She was amazing! Me being very over weight with some physical limitations, I was reluctant to hire a trainer thinking they were going to either take it to easy on me and it would be a waste of money or think I was being lazy and not take me seriously. Bethany was neither she helped me work through my limitations and I was doing work outs that I never thought I could complete. Although she kicked my butt and worked me hard, I always left feeling accomplished and better about myself. She never made an issue out of moves/workouts I could not do, she would come up with an alternative that would get me the same results. I truly would recommend Bethany to any one looking to get in shape, she is unbelievably knowledgeable and her positive attitude and love for fitness is contagious.
— Lisa Horn


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Bethany has motivated me to be healthier and considerably more active. She helped me to do my first half marathon at age 55, and now has coached me to successfully complete several more! My blood pressure used to be high, and now is 127/64. Not bad for a grandmother of 5! Her highly knowledgeable instruction and coaching keeps our team excited and motivated to meet and reach our goals.
— Ceci H.

For someone like me who is not much of an athletic person , training with Bethany helped me to visualize the finish line. Being able to run a half marathon is something that I never thought I could do. But with Bethany’s encouragement running a half marathon has become a reality. She continues to bring in the passion,discipline,and dedication each and every week to help me meet my goal.
— Annamay J.

It has been amazing to be a part of befitdavis. Bethany is truly an excellent trainer. Her knowledge of the body, running, eating and self-care have given me the confidence to push forward towards my goals. She is very caring and enthusiastic and truly cares about the success of each client. She is a very inspirational woman.
— Kimmie

The motivation I get from Bethany’s expertise combined with the camaraderie from all the folks she is training, keeps me personally moving forward in my training and quest for optimum health like nothing else. Every time when the team training with Bethany gathers together, we all look at each other and say, if not at least think the same thing, “I am here because you all are here.”
— Michael Haas

I cannot say enough wonerful things about Bethany not only as a trainer but as a person. When Bethany was my trainer I enjoyed working out again for the first time in years! When I would walk into the gym Bethany always greeted me with a bright smile ready to whip me into shape in the nicest possible and fun way. Coming from an athletic background I am super picky and expect my trainer to be highly knowledgeable with a variety of workout techniques to help me achieve my bodies’ best results. Bethany even had great workout strategies to help when I needed to modify an exercise and I got the best of both worlds working out both in the gym and outside added to the change up to help me from getting bored. To top all this off Bethany is an honest, hard working person, and usually the one leading the line to excercise not just coaching along from the sidelines. To be trained by Bethany is a blessing and the results speak volumes.
— Laura Greg
I can’t speak highly enough about Bethany Davis and her coaching services (Befitdavis)! She was not only there to give me training plans.....She supported, motivated, and inspired me throughout all of my half marathon training. Bethany provided immediate responses to all of my (many) weekly questions. She guided me with techniques, and became an essential part of my training. Her enthusiasm, positive energy, encouragement, athletic ability, and marathon expertise gave me peace of mind and confidence with every run. Bethany helped me get to the start line on my first half marathon (which I never thought I could accomplish). I look forward to working with her again for my first marathon! I know that in the next race, she will push me and challenge me even more to help me succeed with my new goal. I HIGHLY recommend Bethany as a running coach for anyone and everyone, no matter what experience or ability. She has the knowledge to push advanced runners, and the patience/kindness to help beginners. She is a MUST to your running journey!
— First time runner, mother of two, Amber Callahan
I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since I worked with Bethany in San Dimas. She was one of my best trainers at PeakFit Strength and Conditioning. Since her departure it been very difficult to find someone with like integrity and Competence. All of our clients enjoyed her energy and passion for fitness and life. Her ability to motivate and empower seemed to be second nature. She exemplified leadership quality that you just don’t see these days. It has been an honor to have her on our team and continue to watch her continue to excel in life!
— LaMonte Reed, CEO
We trained with Bethany Davis a few years ago at a Crossfit facility in Southern California. On a professional level Bethany is knowledgeable about health and fitness, and as a coach she is both motivating and inspiring. She challenged us to work hard and even opened the gym early so the morning work-out team could start sooner. On a personal level, Bethany is a caring and grounded person who knows how to listen and connect with you. She lives what she teaches, and we were sad when she moved away. At the same time, we are excited for “BeFitDavis” because others will now have the opportunity to grow under her coaching and direction.
— Dave and Crystal Volpe (San Dimas, CA)