do-anywhere bodyweight workout

Summer is in full swing, and for many of you that might include very hot weather and changes in your schedules with kids and vacations. This summer we have been traveling often, which means also no easy gym access and pretty much no workout equipment, (with four children and two adults in one minivan it leaves little room for dumbbells, kettlebells or other fitness equipment).  All of our trips, so far, have been road trips with six plus hours each way, so having workouts that can be done in a hotel room, at a rest stop or on the beach have been super helpful in ensuring that I get my strength training in during our summer travels.

Here is an easy bodyweight circuit that can literally be done anywhere! All of these exercises can be modified to be more difficult or less intense.  If you can’t (yet) do full push-ups, then bring it to your knees.  If you feel step-ups are too easy, then do split leg jumps.  If you need to modify the time or rounds, then do so, but get a workout done each day and don’t use vacation or traveling as an excuse!

Circuit 1

Complete 40 seconds of each exercise (each side) and repeat 3 rounds.

circuit 2

Complete 30 seconds of each exercise (each side) and repeat 4 rounds.

Circuit 3

Complete 20 seconds of each exercise and repeat 5 rounds.

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