upper body dumbbell sculpt

with these four multi-joint movements you can sculpt and tone your upper body, while burning fat and building lean muscle.

i wasn’t sure if i was going to get this up in time to officially be “Workout Wednesday”, but i have succeeded! with the super hectic day that my family had yesterday, which included my car breaking down with all 4 kids in it and my cell phone and computer having issues, (i know, i know… all completely “first world problems”) i thought i was going to have to do a “throw-back thursday” instead of “workout wednesday”, haha!

{all photos and video in this post were taken by my 6-year old son}

if you have been following me for any amount of time, then you will know that you do not need a gym to get your workout in, and if you don’t have any equipment, then there is still no excuse!   be sure to follow me on Instagram for no equipment, body-weight workouts that can be done at home, at the park or anywhere.


complete 5 rounds of said repetitions for each exercise with little to no rest between rounds.

renegade row

10 repetitions (each side)

dumbbell chest press

15 repetitions

bent over row/tricep kickback

10 repetitions

bicep curl/shoulder press

12 repetitions

comment below and let me know what kind of workout you want to see next!