10 of the best foam rolling exercises {for increased mobility and injury prevention}

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The Ultimate Foam Rolling Routine

Do you have a foam roller collecting dust in the garage? Well, time to dust it off because you should be using it daily!

Foam rolling is one of those things that hurts so good. As a coach I encourage my athletes to make time for foam rolling as a form of recovery and injury prevention. Roll before a workout, after a workout or on your recovery days to increase recovery, blood flow and overall fitness. Even 5 minutes a day can have great benefits.

According to The Journal of Athletic Training, foam rolling after a workout has shown to reduce soreness for up to 72 hours. A regular foam rolling routine can also increase flexibility and mobility, help promote blood flow and break down scar tissue, as well as decrease muscle soreness and speed up recovery time.

Add these moves to your warm up or cool down to target sore muscles, or use as a complete routine for injury prevention.


hip flexors



upper back

low back

it band/abductors

adductors/inner thigh



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