5 moves to prevent runner's knee

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If you run (any distance), then you are a runner. If you are a runner then you are likely familiar with, or possibly have even experienced runners knee. When I ran my first marathon in 2014, at mile 22 I felt like I had been shot (not that I actually know what that feels like) in the side of my leg. I was determined not to stop, so I literally hobbled the last four miles. I crossed that finish line and looked at my husband and said, “I will never run a marathon again!”. Ha! I don’t think I even waited a month before looking into which one I would run next! However, I knew I needed to do something to prevent this leg pain from happening again. After a little bit of research I realized I had Illiotibial Band Syndrome or “runner’s knee”.

Runners knee is a pretty broad injury, but generally is not too serious. Some common causes for runner’s knee can be overuse, improper footwear, malalignment of the bones, a muscle imbalance or weak and under developed thigh muscles. If you feel as though you might have Illiotibial Band Syndrom or Patellar Femoral Syndrome, also known as “runner’s knee”, you should first consult your doctor before beginning any treatment or exercise program. Your doctor may suggest complete rest for a period of time, or may refer you to a Physical Therapist for a treatment plan.

5 moves to prevent.png

Here are five moves to prevent Runner’s Knee.

These moves are done with a medium resistance mini band, which you can find here.

Repeat each movement/exercise 10x (each side) for a total of 4 rounds.

air squat with mini band

glute raises with mini band

wall sit with mini band + abductors

donkey kick with mini band

diagonal walks with mini band

These are the bands that I use and love.

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