16-minute mommy + me workout

you guys have been asking for it, so here is another mommy + me workout that can be done anywhere! with cold season approaching, don’t let your fitness fall short if you are unable to make it to the gym because one of the kids has the sniffles. turn on some cartoons or fun music, grab your baby and get moving! this is a quick low-impact workout that requires no equipment {other than your baby}, so ditch your excuses and get it done!

and yes, nora was playing with a pencil during this workout. she was hungry and tired, so whatever made her happy! again, no excuses!

16-minute mommy+me workout.png

“our child will follow your example, not your advice” -unknown

continue each movement for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second rest and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

  1. froggers

  2. squat + pulse

  3. rotating walking lunges

  4. rotating knee lift

important: this workout is designed to be done with a baby who has control of their head and neck. modify as needed to ensure safety of your baby at all times.


squat + pulse {pulse for 3 at the bottom of the squat}

rotating walking lunges

rotating knee lift

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