20-minute HIIT workout {with Vast Terrain}

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20-minute high intensity workout.png
20-minute high intensity workout.png

Fitness has become an important part of my everyday life, which means that I wear workout clothes just about every day! Whether I have strength training, a speed workout, or a recovery day, along with wrangling toddlers to and from school, doing errands, or just in my normal schedule, my goal is to find quality fitness clothing that is durable, fashionable and affordable. Well I found a brand that I like!

Sourced and manufactured in the USA from design to production by Carl and Carrieanne Gillert, Vast Terrain uses only high-quality performance fabrics.

Carl and Carrieanne are the founders of Vast Terrain and are both outdoor enthusiasts and avid mountain climbers. Together they have scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa as well as Mount Elbrus in Russia, so it is definitely through experience that they know what quality active wear should include.

There aren’t many leggings that I like to run in, but when it gets into the 30’s here in Northern California, shorts are no longer an option for me. These leggings are made for this purpose! They are thin, lightweight and comfortable, yet supportive and forgiving, and have flatlock stitching which makes the leggings “chafe resistant”.

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the elements that make Vast Terrain clothing top quality:

Xero Hydro- this provides excellent moisture control to help keep you cool and dry during your workout. Whether you are running a marathon, chasing toddlers, enhancing your yoga practice, or scaling large mountains, these unique fibers help draw moisture away from the body.

Mollia- Vast Terrain’s signature legging fabric is super soft and lightweight for optimal performance.

Argentum- A unique design that kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria, by using antimicrobial fabric with EPA registered silver salts in the fibers that wont wash away.


Start your day off right, and power through these 5 movements for a quick calorie burning 20-minute workout. All exercises can be modified to a low-impact exercise. Modify as needed and remember to listen to your body.

Continue each movement for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second rest, repeat 4 rounds.

There is no equipment needed for this 20-minute high intensity workout beside an optional mat or towel.


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slit leg jumps

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twisted mountain climbers

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push ups

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200m sprint


I am wearing the Excel 7/8 legging in the burgundy color and the Aeris Technical Tank in blush. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a great gift option, Vast Terrain provides quality workout apparel for a very reasonable price!



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