5 Best Full Body Strength Training Exercises For Runners {Sponsored by Mizuno}

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5 best full body strength(2).jpg
5 best full body strength(2).jpg

When I first started distance running, I knew very little about proper footwear or how long a single pair of running shoes should last before they needed to be replaced. Then, for years I struggled with planter fasciitis and felt like I had tried every remedy and treatment, yet it kept flaring up. It wasn’t until I changed my shoe brand that I was able to heal the plantar fasciitis and continued to stay injury free. This also came from proper training and having a good coach. I have found that I need a decent amount of cushion and support in a shoe in order to stay injury-free, especially when the mileage begins to significantly increase through marathon. I have tried shoes that have either the cushion I need or the responsive bounce that I like, but not both. Not until I tried the Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3. With this shoe, you get the best of both, which makes them great for speed work as well as long runs.

The Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 shoe has a completely redesigned midsole that has two layers of foam in the shape of a wave. This foam provides a soft cushioned, yet bouncy midsole that can help prevent injury while still giving great response. With the knit upper material this shoe allows for more stretch in the toe box along with the premium sock liner that is thin and sleek, rather than a bulky ankle cushion.

Two big injury prevention tools for runners are proper footwear and strength training. Many runners don’t put enough emphasis on strength training and are missing out on huge benefits. Strength training may help increase speed, reduce the risk of injury and improve overall running efficiency.

Complete a total of 3-5 rounds

12 reps

8 reps (each side)

8 reps (each side)

10 reps (each side)

12 reps (each side)


1. Burpee with Bicep Curl

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2. Side Lunge with Forward Press

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3. Reverse Plan with Bicep Curl Press

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4. Alternating Toe Touch

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5. Lunge with Shoulder Press

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Next time you get the urge to quit, stop short of your goal, or settle for good enough, reach beyond and push your limits!


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