Legs + Core {5 videos that will tone your legs and sculpt your core}

I know that many of you that are knee deep in snow and serious winter weather, but believe it or not summer will be here before you know it. Yep! Summer is just 4 months away, which means that the work you put in now will be so worth it come bathing suit season. I understand that during the colder months it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to be consistent with a fitness program, or start a new one. I know, I’m a California girl that thinks 40 degrees is freezing, but often times in the winter I struggle with finding the motivation to get to the gym, get a workout in, or get outside for a run. Since I am a list kinda girl, I have found that pre-planning and writing down my planned workouts for the week really helps keep me accountable. I love checking things off a list and if I miss the workout I don’t get to check it off (and that drives me nuts!). So if you are a scheduled type-a list maker like me, add these workouts to your list and check them off this week/end.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my 30-Day Strength Training Program that includes over 35 strength workouts with a full month programmed out for you. All of the workouts can be done anywhere and require no equipment.

Here are 5 workouts (that are included in my 30-Day Strength Training Program) that will tone and sculpt your legs and core to help burn fat and build lean muscle.

Complete 5 rounds of

30 (15 each side) Side lunge

15 Squats

Isometric squat with 20 heel raises

Complete 4 rounds:

10 Frog squats

12 (each side) Lunge leg lifts

8 High/low plank

10 Down dog plank

Complete 2 rounds:

60 Second plank

50 Russian twists

30 Second plank

40 Leg raises

20 Second plank

30 Sit-ups

Complete 3 rounds:

50 Plank jacks

40 Russian twists

30 (each leg) Clamshells

20 (each leg) Prone leg raises

10 Sit-ups

Complete 5 rounds:

8 Narrow squat

8 (each leg) Single leg dead lift

8 (each leg) Curtsy lunge

8 Hamstring curls

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