Fall Fashion Layers {my favorite athleisure wear with Athleta}

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Okay you guys, fall is here, which means it is the start of my favorite time of year! I love everything about the holidays. I love fall pumpkins, cool weather, drinking more coffee than I already do and everything else that comes with this season. The kids and I are working on a “fall bucket list” that I will share with you soon. This week is Henry’s (our four year old) birthday and when I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, I told him to “think big!” he said that all he wanted was to stay the night at Grandma’s and go to the pumpkin patch. He has been the easiest, sweetest boy with such a kind heart from birth and I cannot believe he is going to be 5! Where does time go?!

Fall weather here in California definitely requires layering. It can be chilly in the morning and evening but warm in the afternoon, so layering is key! Thursdays and Fridays are pretty busy around here, as these are the days that all three boys go to school. We decided to put the little boys in all day preschools twice a week so I could have a few days each week to be able to get some uninterrupted work done and maybe even a little “me time”. They absolutely love going to school and wish they could go every day!

School mornings are often a little rushed, but we have created a pretty good routine and I make sure to have everything ready the night before (coffee pot set, clothes laid out, lunches and backpacks packed, and breakfast prepped). I drop Jack off first as he is in the first grade, then I take the two little’s to preschool. After that I either head to the gym, get my run in, or lately I have been adding more yoga to my fitness and have loved the results! I have a good friend who is an incredible yoga instructor and has been helping me with my form and practice. We are going to be hosting a local event together soon, so stay tuned for details and if you are in the Central Valley/East Bay you wont want to miss it!

If you don’t already know my love for Athleta clothing, it is real! The quality, comfort and versatility of their clothing is incredible! I love that I can layer an outfit and go from my daily mom duties, to work meetings, to the gym for a workout, all in one outfit.

Here are a few ways to style and layer one of my current favorite outfits from Athleta and if you are in the Bay/East Bay area then you need to RUN to the Walnut Creek Athleta as I have teamed up with them and they are going to give $50 store credit to the first 3 people that come in and mention this post, $25 to the next 5 and $10 to the next 12 people. When you shop in store you can be sure to experience a premium shopping experience. Every time I shop in store, I am greeted with friendly faces that make me feel welcome and are excited to help me shop!

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Here is a quick workout that can be done anywhere! Continue each exercise for one minute and repeat 3x.

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