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“Oh hey, Brittany!” I had seen my friend Brittany as I was taking these photos and she caused me to have this huge smile! For the future, I think I should bring friends along to make me laugh on all photo shoots. (smile!)

Okay you guys, you all know that I love shopping for fitness clothing, but shopping for “normal” clothes isn’t always easy for me. Like seriously, I can walk into a clothing store, pick up a few things, put them back and immediately I find myself veering towards the fitness clothing section. I’m all for living in yoga pants, but I don’t suggest yoga pants for church on Sundays, or for a fancy date night.

Thanks to few fashion bloggers and subscription boxes, my wardrobe has been transformed! This week I got my DailyLook box and my stylist did so good! I love each piece that came in my box and am excited to share them with you.

P.S. Be sure to use code DAVIS10 at checkout for $10 off your first box!

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Dailylook is a premium box styling service that ships only within the U.S. The styling fee is $40 per box that then gets applied to any purchase you make from the box.

You get to customize the frequency of your delivery. You can choose to receive a box monthly, bi-monthly or every 3 months.

Once you sign up, you take a short survey, then get assigned to a professional stylist who will curate a box just for you based on your style profile. 24 hours before your box ships you get the option to swap out any 3 items (if desired).

In your box, DailyLook sends you a return bag, along with a return label so there is absolutely no obligation to buy! You get to keep what you love and return the rest.

This is huge for me, because no one ever in the history of the world (that is in their right mind) likes to take four young kids shopping. Let alone attempt to cram into a dressing with them all! So check it out, save time and the hassle, and let me know what you think!

Here’s a bonus for you: use code Davis10 at checkout for $10 off your first months box! Visit my Instagram and view highlights for a full try-on of the items in my box. Happy shopping!


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