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workout central {your one stop for access to 15 free workouts}

you guys have asked for it, so here it is, your one stop {FREE} shop for some of my most popular workouts. in just two short weeks (14 days exactly, not that i am counting) jack starts first grade and henry and charlie will begin two full days of pre-school and pre-k. don’t get me wrong, although right now i am feeling completely ready for school to begin, you bet i’ll be a blubbery mess the morning i drop them off. i recently posted on instagram and talked about how difficult motherhood can be. at times it is overwhelming, lonely, frustrating and to be honest, the hardest freaking thing i have ever done, but also the most rewarding and amazing thing. to think that God has entrusted me (ME!?) with these tiny humans to raise and love on is SO special to me.

all of this to say is that once they start school, i will be back to getting you all two new workouts each week, completely free! so i want to know what kind of workouts you want, so comment here and let me know.




Hi, I’m Bethany!

I’m a mom of four who thrives on coffee and exercise. I am saved by Grace and happily married to my best friend, Jon. Here I hope you find community and inspiration for fitness and…life. I am happy you are here!

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